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A Digital Dental CAD Design Services in Vietnam

Provide an outsourcing professional services CAD design for dental lab and clinic. We help to save you time, costs, and quality of dental CAD design works.

What make us stands out from the outsource community

Our staffs includes a well educated 200 bachelor technician degree,  plus the management team bring in more than 20 years of experiences in the dental lab, and milling center industry. We adhere to strict Quality Control Procedures and provide comprehensive training to guarantee a consistent standard of excellence for every product we do. Our team of Quality Controls, Technicians, and Supervisors, and customer service representatives work timelessly to control the defect rate well under 1%.

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Dental Labs Going Digital: The Future of Dentistry

Aligned in their vision for the evolution of the digital dental industry, Dental CAD Design Center was initiated by the combined differing but complimentary skillsets of its founders. A scarcity of skilled dental CAD design technicians, leading to lengthy lead times and high costs for CAD design services, formed the fundamental business structure of VCAD and  in turn allow us to disrupt status quo of advanced dental business today.


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Khoa Tran
Finance Director

Gaps in advanced dental laboratory infrastructure had led to an increase in the regular costs of doing business for dental labs, impacting their ability to compete with large-scale operations, while limiting the size of the market segment that can be reached. In order to compete, it has become clear that the scale of investment required is quite significant.

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Quynh Tran

The Asia Pacific region has made its mark on the world stage and presents a variety of opportunities for growth. Having operated an outsourced dental milling center for the past six years, I have been able to establish a comprehensive knowledge base and confidence to take on all form of digital dental industry.

Our Team

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